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Corporate “Digitalization - StrategyIs” in the Digital Era

The Digital Revolution is here, and it's here to stay. We speak today of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Companies that have not taken the digital turn will be called upon to disappear…. The establishment of a coherence of digital activities by consolidating and aligning all the digital efforts of the company in a continuous process, of creation and then implementation of a digital strategy, is today essential to the success future of any organization that wants to continue to thrive.

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April 24, 2023
5 min read

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Nowadays, the term digitalization has become common in the business world. There is even talk of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Digitization does not only impact companies in the technological sectors but today affects all types of companies, in all sectors of activity combined. Even if its practice is still not very widespread in companies, whether you are a multinational or a small SME, whether you are in an industrial field, a service company, a non-profit organization, a bank, a transportation, very soon you will be forced to convert and adapt your business and your services to the new wave of digitalization of the economy.

The 21st century is and will be the world of digital transformation, which offers considerable opportunities to companies, and everyone must, today, learn to become a real digital player in order to remain competitive. The challenge today is the lack of knowledge of companies as to the strategy and tactics to adopt in order to succeed in this transition in the digital age.

Video credit © by Pexels, Digitalization around the world.

But what exactly is “the digitalization of a company”? The digitization of an organization is a global transformation of the company that must be done across its entire "value chain". Social networks are part of this digital transformation, but only represent a tiny part of the transformation process. Digitization affects the operation of companies in all their activities (purchasing, supply, communication, management, production, process, customer, subcontracting, partners, etc.). Digitization requires a complete and structural overhaul of the operation of the company and must be fully integrated into its strategy, hence the need to review and adjust its business model and strategies.

Digitization requires the implementation of a digital strategy to cover all of the organization's processes, ranging from the collection of information through the review of the business model, the structure of the company, the human capital, processes, skills, capacity and availability, products and services, etc. In fact, it is a continuous improvement process that must continually be adapted in order to respond to new opportunities.

Photo credit © by Getty Image, Engineer with digital tablet examining development of industrial product.

The implementation of digitalization always starts with a collection of data and information (inventory of digital resources) from the point of view of the digitalization of the company. This work will allow the organization to get a clear idea of ​​its digital maturity, its situation vis-à-vis its competition, and the means at its disposal to improve its digital efficiency and effectiveness. Then, an action plan for digital initiatives linked to the digital strategy must be developed to seize opportunities for the development of innovative products and services.

Each department of the company plays a vital role in digital success. Putting performance measures in place will help assess success and optimize results. The monitoring and continuous improvement of the user and customer experience are key elements for the success of a digital strategy. Our experts can help you, do not hesitate to contact us



5 min read

Key elements to know for a successful digital transformation

Sooner or later, we will all have to understand, present, and perhaps develop...

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