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Welcome to Leclerc Consulting Group

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About us

With more than 30 years of business experience on the North American continent as well as in Europe and now in the Middle East and Africa, Leclerc Consulting Group provide integrated consulting services in Contract Management, Product Project Management, Supply Chain, Information Technology Management & Digitalization, Logistics & Transport, Organizational Transformation, Site and Construction Management and finally in Human Capital Management.

​About us

Our ESG pratices

At Leclerc Consulting Group, we believe that environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk is an investment risk, and actions to protect the environment and society through strong governance are essential for our future.


We strive to bring together common-sense approaches to our business with the goal of forging a better future for all.

Through our ESG reporting approach, we take into account the environmental and social factors that we can most directly and quickly influence.

Using an action priority matrix, we quickly identify where to focus our initial efforts, then use this information to determine which ESG framework we can adapt by achieving goals at hand.


For years we have designed, implemented and maintained comprehensive and inclusive practices for a more optimal system at all levels of our operations.

Your success is our passion

We listen, empathize, share our knowledge and focus on tangible results, striving to earn your trust every day.

​Your success is our passion

We work to listen well and to clearly clarify mandates and projects in order to solve one by one the problems that could arise at the start of any project or the establishment of new business relationships. Our goal is to quickly gain the trust of the client in order to work hand in hand in complete transparency for a long and prosperous business relationship.

We strengthen your team

Your team and our team work together to form a community. We rely on you for context and history, and you rely on us to transform your data into clear and comprehensive information that will add major value to the strategic and tactical decision-making of your company, thus allowing you to keep advantage over the competition.

We bring change

We do more than just help you develop and implement a solution; we drive process and organizational transformation. We take best practices and cutting-edge technology and apply them to your business challenges, turning complexity into simplicity. Ultimately, we help you connect every department of your business for an optimized and improved operational flow thus causing positive and constructive change with the help of a digital transformation. Our customer has done it, and you can too!

Our people make Leclerc Consulting Group

We have an exceptional team of motivated and seasoned experts and specialists, who combine confidence, humility, balance in innovation and practicality. Our team brings knowledge, experience and a positive and constructive attitude to their daily work. We love our work and we enjoy what we do with you... and for that, we thank you very much.

Members of the Leclerc Consulting Group team go above and beyond to deliver quality work and ensure the success of our clients. We are passionate about your success!

We welcome and lead change

We listen and seek to understand your business strategy, goals and culture and make sure to work closely with your teams to drive strong and lasting change. We recognize that results are important and that the synergy of our team with yours, working together, is the key to success. We drive lasting change through our commitment and yours.

We are a team

Leclerc Consulting Group is an integrated group of individuals, working together with the same concerns, to offer very high-quality services to our clients worldwide. Our team continually challenges itself to help our clients be more efficient and more versatile in their market in order to achieve their established performance objectives.

We are innovative

Our entrepreneurial spirit shines through in everything we do. We partner with our clients to create a strategic vision, a work plan, and then work hand in hand, in partnership to execute that plan while readjusting it to the fluctuating market reality of the moment.

​Our people make Leclerc Consulting Group
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